Best Gold IRA Affiliate Programs (2024)

Are you a content creator interested in helping Americans diversify their retirement savings with physical precious metals?

If your audience is interested in personal finance or conservative politics, gold affiliate programs might be a great way to monetize your content.

There are plenty of gold companies ready to compensate you for driving traffic and sales to their website. A quick google search will reveal a constantly growing list of affiliate programs in the precious metals niche.

But what are the best gold IRA affiliate programs for 2024?

If you've read some of the articles on our site, you know that not all gold companies are created equal.

Below, you'll find our list of 19+ top-rated gold IRA companies with active affiliate programs that you can promote and share with your audience. Let's get started!

New: GoldenCrest Metals Affiliate Program

GoldenCrest Metals

The youngest gold dealer added to our "best gold IRA affiliate programs" list is GoldenCrest Metals. The gold IRA company was launched in 2023 by industry veteran Rich Jacoby.

In their short time doing business, the new gold IRA dealer's online review profile reveals 100% 5-star reviews on BBB, Yelp, and Trustpilot.

This is an excellent opportunity for an affiliate to get in on the ground floor with a new precious metals IRA company that plans to be here for the long haul. Like a few other companies on our list, GoldenCrest Metals' affiliate program is hosted on Everflow, and pays affiliates:

  • A flat payment for all qualified leads
  • Revenue share on all sales (bullion and premium products)

GoldenCrest Metals has a low $10,000 account minimum for new gold IRA accounts, making them accessible to a large segment of US customers.

Get started promoting GoldenCrest Metals today:

Colonial Metals Group Affiliate Program

CMG affiliate program

Founded by Paul Stone, Colonial Metals Group is a well recognized name in precious metals. The Miami based gold IRA company has been featured in media outlets like Fox Business, Business Insider, and USA Today.

The company is easy to recommend, with endorsements from reputable figures like Ed Henry and motivational speaker Michael Franzese. The company has also earned mostly 5-star reviews on Google and Trustpilot from happy customers. 

Sign up as an affiliate for Colonial Metals Group today:

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals affiliate sign up

Augusta Precious Metals is a highly rated gold IRA company with a unique one-on-one approach to educating their customers.

The gold IRA company has also earned top ratings with the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, and has racked up hundreds of 5-star reviews on Trustlink and Google. The gold IRA company has an overwhelmingly positive reputation across the internet with thousands of happy customers in their 10+ years of doing business serving U.S. customers. 

After signing up (and getting approved) for their gold IRA affiliate program, Augusta will give you access to their free guides, videos, landing pages, your own dedicated 800 number, and other resources that you can use to promote gold IRAs to your audience. 

Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program - How Much Can You Earn?

Affiliates can earn up to $200 for each qualified lead, plus revenue share of up to 10% on premium coins and 1% on bullion products. It's important to note that affiliates can earn revenue share on all purchases (which isn't always the case with gold IRA affiliate programs).

Sign up for Augusta Precious Metals affiliate program here:

Important note: Augusta Precious Metals is very selective in their approval process. You'll need to show that you have a proven source of traffic and are able to generate quality leads.

American Hartford Gold Group

American Hartford Gold landing page with Bill O'Reilly

American Hartford Gold is an excellent gold IRA company. In business since 2015, the INC 5000 company has earned top reviews and rankings across all of the major consumer watchdog websites such as the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance, and TrustPilot.

The company is endorsed by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, conservative host Bill O'Reilly, and other respected conservative celebrities. The company's customer service stands out. You can rest easy recommending American Hartford Gold to your followers. 

American Hartford Gold provides affiliates with landing pages and even a dedicated 800 number to track any referrals that you send to the company.  

American Hartford Gold's Affiliate Program - What Do They Pay Affiliates?

The company offers two options. An affiliate can sign up to either get paid per qualified lead (CPQL) or on a cost per acquisition (CPA). 

Some affiliates prefer to get paid up front per lead. This payment is negotiable.

The other option - CPA means that you do not get paid for sending a qualified lead, but are instead paid revenue share if a lead makes a purchase. American Hartford Gold will also negotiate your revenue share based on your ability to generate quality leads / sales. 

It's important to note that many gold IRA companies listed in this article will pay both - a flat rate per qualified lead and a  percentage revenue share.

One unique benefit to the American Hartford Gold affiliate program is that American Hartford pays affiliates on ALL purchases (premium coins and bullion).

Some companies on this list will only pay an affiliate commission on the sale of premium coins.

Sign up here:

Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold - best gold ira affiliate program

In business since 2003, Birch Gold is a well established precious metals IRA company with thousands of 5-star reviews and glowing endorsements from a list of prominent conservative figures. 

Birch Gold Group is currently endorsed by former Presidential candidate Ron Paul, The Daily Wire, and several other conservative thought-leaders and publishers. 

It may be confusing that the Birch Gold affiliate application form displays both Birch Gold and "BitIRA" at the top of the form.  BitIRA is Birch's sister company, launched to meet growing customer interest in Cryptocurrencies. 

When you're accepted into Birch Gold's affiliate program, you'll also have the ability to market and promote BitIRA from the same login and affiliate portal.

Birch Gold Affiliate Program - What Does it Pay?

Birch Gold Group's affiliate program pays out $25 per qualified lead along with a revenue share on any sale that you bring the company.

Unlike some other gold companies on this list, Birch Gold affiliates earn a commission on all customer purchases. You'll earn an affiliate commissions regardless if your customer buys bullion bars or premium coins. Note that commission rate will vary from 3-5% of total sales (based on the customer's total purchase amount).

Important to note: Birch Gold is also the only company on our list that will pay an affiliate commission on cash sales that are under $10,000.  

You can fill out their gold IRA affiliate program application here:

Preserve Gold Affiliate Program

Preserve Gold

Preserve Gold was launched in 2022 by industry veteran Daniel Boston. With over 30 years in the industry, Preserve Gold's executive team is seeking to create the #1 gold IRA company in the U.S.

In a short amount of time, Preserve Gold has earned 5-star reviews on TrustPilot, Google, Consumer Affairs, and favorable coverage in top financial media outlets. 

The company pays affiliates for both - qualified leads and sales.

Apply at the link below and you'll hear from Preserve Gold's affiliate manager. Your cost per qualified lead (CPQL) and revenue share commission rate is negotiable and will vary depending on your experience and ability to generate leads. Like with others on our list, you can always renegotiate a higher rate if you can prove to consistently bring in quality leads.

The affiliate manager is very responsive, payouts are competitive with the other top gold IRA affiliate programs, and they genuinely want to do everything they can to build a great company and attract the best affiliates to their team.

If you want to get in on the ground floor with a top-tier business, you should consider promoting Preserve Gold.

Click here to apply for Preserve Gold's affiliate program:

Gold Gate Capital Affiliate Program

Gold Gate Capital

In business since 2008, Gold Gate Capital has completed over $100 million in customer transactions, and managed to maintain high ratings with customers on major review sites. With advertisements on mainstream media and celebrity endorsements, Gold Gate Capital is a recognized name in gold IRAs.

The company is paying affiliates $300 per qualified lead (one of the highest on our list), plus 5% revenue share on ALL products. This is a highly rated company with a top tier affiliate program.  On top of that, their affiliate manager is very responsive, receptive to affiliate feedback, and ready to get your account up and running as fast as possible.

Click here to sign up as an affiliate for Gold Gate Capital:

Lear Capital Affiliate Program

Lear Capital homepage

With over 25 years in business and more than $3 billion in customer transaction, Lear Capital is easily one of the oldest and largest companies on our list of best gold affiliate programs. 

The company has thousands of 5-star reviews across the web, low IRA fees, celebrity endorsements, and competitive pricing. Lear Capital's affiliate compensation is negotiable depending on your traffic and the quality of leads that you can generate.

The company pays for both, qualified leads and a rev-share percentage on any purchases made by your referrals. If you can generate high quality leads, Lear Capital is able to compete with the highest paying gold IRA affiliate programs on our list.

Click here to sign up as an affiliate:

Goldco Affiliate Program

Goldco affiliate information

Goldco is a leader in the gold IRA industry. Similar to others that have made our list, the company boasts A+ rating with the BBB, AAA rating with the BCA, and has racked up thousands of five star ratings across all of the trusted consumer review sites. The CEO is also a member of the Los Angeles, California Better Business Bureau's Board of Directors.

Over the years, Goldco has been endorsed by celebrities such as Chuck Norris, Sean Hannity, Stew Peters, and others. The company has been featured in mainstream financial media outlets, and is a recognized name in the precious metals industry.

Goldco Affiliate Payment - How Do You Earn Money with Goldco?

Goldco's affiliate program payout is very competitive. The company pays between $180-200 per qualified lead, plus revenue share.  Unlike some others on our list, Goldco only pays affiliates on the sale of premium products. Your commission rate is negotiable and can vary based on your ability to generate leads and sales. 

Goldco's gold IRA affiliate program application:

Note: Goldco is very selective in their affiliate approval process. If you're a seasoned affiliate with proven gold IRA traffic, you should consider applying for Goldco's affiliate program. 

Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold affiliate program how to sign up

Like other gold IRA companies that have made our list, Noble Gold Investments has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 4.9/5-star average rating on Google Reviews. The gold company has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and more.

How do you get paid promoting the Noble Gold affiliate program?

The company pays affiliates $30 per qualified lead, and 4% revenue share on all purchases.

To sign up for Noble Gold Investments affiliate program, visit their website:

Gold Alliance Affiliate Program

Gold Alliance Gold IRA Affiliate Program

In July 2023, Gold Alliance launched their new gold IRA affiliate program. While their affiliate program may be new, the highly rated INC 500 dealer has been in business for over two decades. The company has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and holds a triple A rating with the Business Consumer Alliance.

With a celebrity endorsement from former Governor Mike Huckabee and features in major financial publications, Gold Alliance is a respected name in precious metal IRAs that you can be proud to promote on your blog or social media channel.

Gold Alliance affiliate payout information:

Gold Alliance pays affiliates $180 per qualified lead and a negotiable commission on the all purchases (bullion and premium coins). Like others on our list, Gold Alliance is willing to get very competitive with revenue share for affiliates that drive quality traffic to their website.

Apply today:

Advantage Gold 

Advantage Gold

Advantage Gold is a top-rated precious metals IRA company. In business since 2014, Advantage Gold has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, and 5-star average reviews on both TrustLink, and TrustPilot.

Advantage Gold is a U.S. Mint listed dealer, a member of Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), and featured on the INC 5000 list for 2019. This is a reputable gold IRA company that you can feel good about recommending to your audience.

Advantage Gold Affiliate Program - What Does it Pay?

Advantage Gold does not pay per qualified lead (like others on this list), but the company pays a revenue share commission on the sales of premium coins.

You can apply to join Advantage Gold's affiliate program here:

⚠️ Warning: Based on our experience over the last year, it is not worth joining Advantage Gold's affiliate program.

In my opinion, the company and affiliate program are poorly managed. Communication is terrible, and in my experience, they just don't value affiliate partners.

Start with the other gold IRA dealers on this list. If you decide to apply with Advantage Gold, proceed with caution.  

7 Additional Gold IRA Affiliate Programs

Reagan Gold Group Affiliate Program

Need more gold IRA companies to promote? 

I've recently connected with Admediary. The digital advertising agency has several clients in the gold IRA space. By signing up as an Admediary affiliate, you'll gain access to their full list of gold IRA offers.

Their clients include recognizable brands like Oxford Gold Group and Reagan Gold Group.

Admediary pays affiliates between $40-$300 for each qualified lead (payout varies with each gold dealer). Sign up as an Admediary affiliate and promote one or more of their affiliate partners today:

How to Promote Gold IRA Affiliate Programs

If you're a blogger or financial writer passionate about alternative assets, you may want to monetize your online content with gold affiliate programs. The above companies provide landing pages and backend tracking software to help you promote and earn commissions via their affiliate offers.

Americans are interested in precious metals right now. Customers turn to precious metals as a hedge against inflation, to diversify outside of 'paper' assets like stocks, and to protect their nest egg against global political instability (and more).

If you are new to affiliate marketing and want to start a gold or finance related blog, here's a free webinar training by Mark Webster and Gael Breton of Authority Hacker to help you get started.

Authority Hacker is a great source for affiliate marketing educational material. If the above training resonates with you, you may also want to subscribe to their podcast or youtube channel.

TASS by Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker is an excellent resource to learn how to build an affiliate website and promote precious metal IRA affiliate offers like this. 

Outside of blogging, you can also promote gold affiliate programs by publishing informational videos on youtube, starting a finance or gold related podcast, or even by just sharing helpful information on social media. 

Many political content creators have had success promoting gold affiliate programs. Ben Shapiro for example, has promoted Birch Gold Group on his podcast since 2016.

Gold IRAs: Great for Conservative Content Creators

Gold is popular with conservative-leaning audiences and Americans concerned with debt, inflation, recession, and government spending. Gold is often looked at as a hedge against geo-political uncertainty, inflation, and a turbulent stock market.

If you are a republican or conservative influencer, thought-leader, or other political content creator - gold affiliate programs are a great way to monetize your audience.

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro endorses Birch Gold Group

I Will Help You...

If you apply to any of the gold IRA affiliate programs above, I really appreciate if you send me a quick message letting me know that you've applied.

How I can help...

  • These companies get new affiliate applications every day - I can email them and 'fast-track' your application to the top of the pile
  • I can also help by sharing your content on social media*
  • I can offer you backlinks from my web properties*
  • If you're new to affiliate marketing, I can share tools and resources that I use to build my business

* Note: Understand that we have strict guidelines for the content that we share with our audience. We can discuss sharing or linking to your article content to help you drive traffic to your site. This is of course only an option if your content meets our quality and editorial standards.

Two-Tier Affiliate Programs

Many of these gold IRA affiliate programs listed above are 'two-tier' affiliate programs. This means that some of the above companies will also pay 1% commissions on sales from anyone that joins their program through your referral link.

Some of the links in this article track your application to me as your referral. 

I have a financial interest in your success. If you join a gold affiliate program via my referral link, I will earn a small commission from any sales that you bring any of these companies.

Why do gold IRA companies make their programs two-tier?

Companies need help attracting quality affiliates to their program and are willing to compensate you for helping them build their affiliate marketing team...

After applying to join any of the gold IRA companies above, make sure to reach out and let me know. I will send an email to each affiliate manager to ensure a quick approval and onboarding (often times, applicants do not get approved).

We can then also discuss how I can best assist you in your efforts. I'm here to help you succeed with these gold IRA company affiliate programs.

I look forward to working with you in helping Americans diversify their retirement savings with physical precious metals.

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