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Augusta Precious Metals Review: Company Ratings, Fees, & More


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Augusta Precious Metals is a Beverly Hills, California based gold and silver company that specializes in precious metals IRAs. Now more than ever, conservative investors are turning to gold, but is the company worth your business?

Augusta is one of many players in this growing niche "gold IRA" market within the financial services industry. 

In this Augusta Precious Metals review, we take a look at the firm's history, reputation, services, client reviews, fees, and more. 

Augusta Precious Metals

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Company History

Augusta Precious Metals was launched in 2012 by founder and CEO Isaac Nuriani. The CEO started this firm with the goal of helping retirees diversify savings into alternative investments not typically made available for IRAs and 401(k)s through Wall Street, banks, or traditional retirement plans.

Augusta PM Founder CEO

 Nuriani has a degree in economics from the University of Los Angeles, and is a member of both and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). According to Isaac Nuriani, this company is unique due to their personal approach in educating clients about precious metals. 

The company recently brought on Devlyn Steele as their lead economics analyst and director of education. With more than thirty years experience in the financial services field, Steele leads a team implementing gold investor web conferences and educational webinars.  

All gold IRA specialists offer educational materials for prospective investors, what's unique here is that Nuriani and Steele's team have a one-on-one approach where web conferences are tailored specifically to each individual investor. 

Request an Augusta Precious Metals investor kit - and someone will reach out to get your shipping address. The company will send out your physical investor kit (free), offer to review your financial goals, and line up a personalized educational web conference. While we have a few gold IRA dealers that we like and promote on our site - this personalized approach stands out above some competitors.

Celebrity Ambassador & Client Joe Montana

In 2021, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana joined the Augusta PM team as their celebrity ambassador. What's unique here is that Joe Montana began his relationship with Augusta as a client. Joe Montana was introduced to Augusta similar to the rest of their clients, via a private webinar with Devlyn Steele.

gold kit

Free Gold IRA Investor Kit 

Diversify your 401(k) or IRA with physical gold and silver. Request your free Augusta Precious Metals investor kit...

Company Products and Services

The majority of Augusta's business is in opening gold and silver IRAs. Many conservative investors in the U.S. want to move a small portion of their retirement out of their 401(k) or IRA and buy physical gold. This is what the company does with new clients every day. While headquartered in California, the company does most of their business over the phone and internet with a growing client base located across all 50 states.

Outside of gold and silver IRAs, Augusta PM will also handle direct delivery of precious metals bars and coins. The company offers free shipping - as well as liability insurance for all shipments.

 The company website shows a wide selection of:

  • gold & silver bullion bars 
  • gold & silver bullion coins 
  • premium gold & silver coins
  • gold IRA eligible bullion bars & coins

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Gold IRA Fees

There are typically three parties involved with opening a new gold IRA account:

  • the self-directed IRA custodian
  • the third party vault storage depository
  • the gold IRA company

If this sounds complicated, it's really not. A gold IRA 'specialist' like Augusta facilitates these transactions every day and can walk you through each step of the process. They will ensure everything is done quick, easy, and most importantly - in compliance with the IRS. 

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Gold IRA Custodian

Your current 401(k) or other retirement account is held with a custodian. The problem is that most 401(k) custodians don't allow you to invest in physical gold and silver. If you want to invest in alternative assets outside of the vanilla options provided via Wall Street, you need to open a self-directed IRA (SDIRA).

SDIRAs open the door for investments like gold, silver, bitcoin, real estate, or even private companies. Augusta Precious Metals works closely with Equity Trust as their preferred SDIRA custodian. If you choose to open a gold IRA with Augusta, your account representative will:

  • contact your current custodian
  • help you fill out the paperwork with Equity Trust
  • facilitate the rollover or transfer of funds from your old custodian to your new SDIRA
  • assist in selecting and buying gold and silver for your new self-directed IRA account

Note: Equity Trust is a popular, low cost SDIRA custodian preferred by many of the top gold IRA dealers. Augusta should be flexible if you prefer another custodian. The gold dealer does not make a profit from custodial fees. These costs are paid directly to the custodian.

So what are the custodial fees? Equity Trust charges:

  • $50 to set up a new account
  • $80 annually to maintain the retirement account. 
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Free Gold IRA Investor Kit 

Diversify your 401(k) or IRA with physical gold and silver. Request your free Augusta Precious Metals investor kit...

Gold IRA Storage

There are tax benefits to investing in gold and silver via an IRA. But if you don't follow the gold IRA rules, you could end up owing the tax man a hefty penalty.

Unfortunately, the "home storage" gold IRA is big no-no... In order to keep the IRS happy, your gold and silver has to go directly from the gold dealer to an accepted gold IRA storage facility. Augusta Precious Metals' preferred vault storage depository is the Delaware Depository. They also offer Brinks as an option.

Most gold IRA clients tend to choose the facility closest to their location. Between Brinks and the Delaware Depository, Augusta PM offers a wide selection of locations across the U.S.

Augusta Precious Metals offers both commingled and segregated vault storage. Annual storage fees vary depending on the option you choose.

  • commingled storage: $100 annually
  • segregated storage: $150 annually

Note: Fees are often competitive between the different gold IRA companies. Always ask if the company is running are any promotions or "limited time" offers. A special offer might be enough of an incentive to choose one company over another.

Reviews, Ratings, and Client Complaints

You'll want to research any gold IRA company before trusting them with your retirement. So how do you vet a precious metals company? Assume that all websites promoting any company are for-profit. With this, we can assume the 'top rated' gold company listed on a blog or review site is often the company that best compensates the website owners. 

We've curated the company's reviews from independent third party sites. Actual clients can visit sites like the Better Business Bureau or TrustLink and leave their feedback, reviews, and complaints for any company. Sifting through such websites can give you an idea of how reputable a business is in their dealings.

  • Better Business Bureau: A+ Rating (highest rating) with 4.97/5 stars based on 74 customer reviews. Zero complaints reported against the company
  • Business Consumer Alliance: AAA (highest rating) with 5/5 stars based on 56 reviews. Zero complaints reported in the last three years.
  • TrustLink: 5/5 star rating based on 267 reviews and complaints
  • Facebook: 5/5 based on 59 reviews
  • Yelp: 5/5 based on two reviews
yelp review complaints

Below: Review by Herbert Cambell - an actual customer of Augusta Precious Metals. Click here to visit Augusta's website and request your investor kit.

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Free Gold IRA Investor Kit 

Diversify your 401(k) or IRA with physical gold and silver. Request your free Augusta Precious Metals investor kit...

Augusta Precious Metals Review: What We Like

So how does Augusta Precious Metals stack up against the competition? We really like Augusta's personalized approach to connecting with clients. Many of these companies have similar processes and systems that make opening a gold IRA simple and easy. But the idea that Augusta creates a personalized web conference for each of their potential investors really stands out.

We also like that the company is highly rated with the BBB, BCA, Trustlink, and other sites that report Augusta Precious Metals reviews.  The company has been in business for almost a decade now, they've aligned themselves with a reputable company spokesman, and have a track record of clients walking away happy. 

The company also has a simple buyback program. If and when you're ready to sell your metals, Augusta is willing to buy back your gold and silver at a competitive price. Clients have the option of selling to any buyer, but know that as a client, you have the option to sell back to Augusta if and when needed.

Due to the reasons above, we felt good enough to add Augusta PM to our short list of gold IRA dealers that we recommend to our readers for 2021.

Criticism: What We Do Not Like About the Gold Firm

No review is complete without some criticism.

We don't like the fact that the minimum a client can invest with Augusta Precious Metals is $50,000. Whether you're opening a silver IRA, or looking to have gold coins delivered to your home, this minimum investment is high and out of reach for most Americans.

If you look at U.S. retirement statistics, the median savings for a 65 year old in American is just $58,035. 45% of boomers don't have any savings. Based on this data, a majority of Americans do not qualify to work with Augusta Precious Metals. The company appears to cater only to high net worth individuals versus serving the average American.

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If you're looking to open a gold IRA and can't meet this $50,000 minimum, there are other gold IRA companies that are willing to open a gold IRA as low as $10,000. 

If you are in fact investing $50,000 or more in a gold IRA, you can request your Augusta PM investor kit here.

Augusta Precious Metals Review

If you're vetting gold IRA companies, know that it's a competitive field. It seems that every day a new IRA "specialist" is opening their doors to clients. Request your investor kit from Augusta, but make sure to compare them with at least a couple other gold dealers.

We recommend you let two or three companies know you're comparing all costs and fees between different dealers. Ask questions. Whether you choose to invest with Augusta or another dealer, get everything in writing. Make these companies work to earn your business.

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