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Red Rock Secured Review: Best Gold IRA Dealer?


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Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured is one of those gold IRA companies that seems to have a presence everywhere. Online, in financial publications, and on conservative radio, we’re finding ads for their gold and silver IRAs.  But is Red Rock Secured a reputable company? 

Warning: On May 15, 2023, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced charges against Red Rock Secured LLC, its CEO, and two of its former Senior Account Executives. More information can be found on the SEC's website. We will update this full review as more details unfold. Please perform due diligence, research any gold dealers you're considering working with, and consult with a trusted financial advisor before making any major decisions with your savings.

Red Rock Secured Gold IRA Report

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In a Hurry? One Minute Review

In business for 10+ years, Red Rock Secured is a 5-star rated gold IRA company. The gold dealer has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, and has been featured in Fortune, Money Magazine, Benzinga, and other reputable finance websites.

Red Rock Secured’s current promotional offers stand out against the competition. The gold IRA company offers:

  • 7-day price protection policy
  • Low investment minimums
  • Free one-on-one virtual educational webinars
  • Up to $5,000 in free silver
  • All IRA fees covered for up to the life of your account
  • Zero management fees
  • 100% free shipping and insurance

After reviewing the precious metals IRA company, we’ve placed them at the top of our short list of recommended gold dealers for 2023.

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Red Rock Secured - About the Company

Red Rock Secured’s CEO Sean Kelly began working in the financial industry in 2003. During the recession of 2008, Kelly witnessed Americans everywhere lose their savings in the market crash.

Red Rock Secured was founded in 2010 to give retirement savers an alternative to the vanilla stocks and bonds made available in standard retirement plans. The goal was to launch a stress-free system for Americans to diversify a portion of their savings into precious metals. 

Gold IRAs vs Direct Sales

Red Rock Secured serves customers ranging from the hobbyist rare coin collector to the high net worth individual looking to convert $1 million from a 401(k) into physical gold and silver bullion. 

While many of Red Rock’s competitors deal almost entirely in gold IRAs, Red Rock Secured’s customers are split about 50/50 with half opting for home delivery purchases, and half executing gold IRA rollovers.

Gold companies typically have a minimum investment for opening new customer accounts. With Red Rock Secured there is:

  • $1,500 minimum for cash sales
  • $10,000 minimum for opening a gold IRA

This is very low compared with some gold IRA companies. It’s not unusual to see $25,000-$50,000 minimums to open a new precious metals IRA. Note that this price includes free shipping and insurance on the delivery of your metals.

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Red Rock Secured: Bullion and Premium Coins

If you are considering investing in a Gold IRA, it is important to know which precious metals products are eligible. Here is a list of commonly accepted gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products that you can purchase through Red Rock Secured:

Gold Coins - The most commonly accepted gold coins for a Gold IRA are the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and American Gold Buffalo.

Gold Bars - Gold bars from reputable refiners and manufacturers such as PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse, and Perth Mint are generally eligible for a Gold IRA.

Silver Coins - The most commonly accepted silver coins for a Gold IRA are the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, Australian Silver Kangaroo, and Austrian Silver Philharmonic.

Silver Bars - Silver bars from reputable refiners and manufacturers such as Johnson Matthey and Engelhard are generally eligible for a Gold IRA.

Platinum Coins - The most commonly accepted platinum coins for a Gold IRA are the American Platinum Eagle and Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf.

Platinum Bars - Platinum bars from reputable refiners and manufacturers such as Credit Suisse and PAMP Suisse are generally eligible for a Gold IRA.

Palladium Coins - The most commonly accepted palladium coins for a Gold IRA are the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf and the Russian Ballerina.

Palladium Bars - Palladium bars from reputable refiners and manufacturers such as Credit Suisse and PAMP Suisse are generally eligible for a Gold IRA.

It is important to note that not all precious metals products are eligible for a Gold IRA, so it is crucial to do your research and choose products that meet the eligibility requirements.

Gold products must be 99.5% pure, silver must meet 99.9% fineness requirements, and platinum and palladium products must be 99.95% pure. 

You can find more details about IRA-approved metals here. If you’re worried about buying coins or bars that are not approved by the IRS, don’t be.

Red Rock Secured is a precious metals specialist that can help guide your purchase decisions. In addition to this, your IRA custodian would not allow for inclusion of metals that do not meet the IRS requirements for an IRA.

If you’re buying precious metals for your home collection and not for your IRA, the investment options are even wider. Red Rock Secured can facilitate the purchase of just about any bullion or premium coins and bars you’re interested in. 

In fact, Red Rock Secured has a comprehensive list of premium coins not typically found with all gold and silver dealers.

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Red Rock Secured Gold IRA Report

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Gold Buyback Program

We reached out to Red Rock Secured to find out more about their buyback program. While no company can ‘guarantee’ to buy back your precious metals, the representative at Red Rock stated that the company has never refused to buy back metals from a customer. 

Red Rock Secured will buy back your metals at fair market value without any commissions or fees on the back end. Of course, get this in writing from the company directly if you decide to work with Red Rock Secured. 

We believe this is better than most other providers as gold IRA companies tend to include fees which eat into the profit gained from selling your gold and silver.

Red Rock Secured Complaints & Reviews

One reason we’re quick to add Red Rock Secured to our list of preferred precious metals dealers is their consistently high ratings found across the internet on verified customer review websites.

Some of the notable watchdog sites and top Red Rock reviews include:

  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • 5-star rating on TrustPilot
  • Triple A rating with the Business Consumer Alliance
  • 4.9/5 star rating with Consumer Affairs
  • 4.8/5 star rating on Google reviews
  • Highest ranked gold IRA company on the 2022 Inc 500 list (#211)
  • Featured in Fortune’s 2023 Recession Investing Guide
  • And more…
Red Rock Secured Reviews on BBB

The only website with anything less than stellar customer feedback is TrustLink. The company has a TrustLink average rating of 1 star with many of the reviews marked as “fake.”

We reached out to Red Rock Secured and a representative stated that they’ve contacted TrustLink to discuss, but have not yet received a response. Red Rock believes their poor ratings are the result of a competitor attempting to hurt their reputation.

They hope to hear back from TrustLink to fix the issue. Based on their almost overwhelmingly positive reputation and number of 5-star reviews on BBB, BCA, TrustPilot, Google Reviews, Consumer Affairs, and other top financial publications listed above, we’re giving Red Rock the benefit of the doubt that something strange is happening at TrustLink.  

Business Consumer Alliance Reviews

Red Rock Secured holds an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance

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Current Promotions and Incentives

This is really where Red Rock Secured shines brightest. Some companies offer to cover your fees for 1-10 years. Other gold IRA companies offer free silver for new accounts. 

Red Rock Secured offers both. Some customers qualify to have zero IRA fees for the life of their account!  And Red Rock Secured offers up to $5,000 in free silver with your new account. 

They’re also the only precious metals IRA company we’ve reviewed that offers a price protection guarantee. If you buy gold today, and gold prices tank in the next seven days, Red Rock will make up the difference in free precious metals.

This is an excellent incentive - offering peace of mind in case the price of gold plummets right after making your purchase.

Of course, confirm all current promotions with the company before opening up your account and make sure to get details of each promotional incentive in writing.

Visit Red Rock Secured’s website to learn more.

Red Rock Secured Gold IRA Report

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Red Rock Secured Vs Competitors

There are a number of precious metal IRA companies fighting to earn your business. What are some of the other precious metal IRA dealers you can choose from? A short list of top rated dealers includes:

Every company listed above has an A+ rating with the BBB, triple A rating with the BCA, and five star customer reviews across the internet. While they’re all top notch companies, compare their fees, pricing, and promotion.

Request free information from two or three businesses and compare fees, pricing, customer reviews, and ongoing promotions. We believe that on a side-by-side comparison, it’s easy to make a case to work with Red Rock Secured.

Red Rock Secured Pros & Cons

Before you leave this Red Rock Secured review, it’s important to note that no other company that we’ve found is currently offering:

  • Red Rock’s price protection
  • IRA fees paid for life

Each of these incentives would on their own be enough to nudge a customer to Red Rock over a competitor, but Red Rock Secured is offering both. In addition to customers also qualifying for free silver, access to free educational webinars, and other perks mentioned in this review.

Again, always confirm your qualifications for any promotional offers before agreeing to buy precious metals from Red Rock Secured or any other gold company.

What’s not so great about Red Rock?

Red Rock Secured’s website doesn’t provide as much detail as some competitors. We had to reach out to the company and speak with someone directly in order to find some information on pricing, custodial, and storage options. 

It’s also important to note that most gold and silver IRA companies are similar in that product pricing information is not listed online and requires a phone call with the dealer to find information.

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Red Rock Custodian and Storage Fees

Most customers qualify to have their gold IRA fees covered from one to ten years. Many customers qualify for zero fees for life…  But what if your account does not qualify for zero fees for life. 

What should you expect to pay in annual fees?

Like many other top gold IRA companies, Red Rock Secured’s go-to self-directed IRA custodian is Equity Trust Company. Equity Trust is a top-rated and IRS-approved self-directed IRA custodian that has been in operations serving American customers for 45 years. 

Red Rock will cover the $50 account set up fee (for all customers). Equity Trust charges $100 annually to administer your account.

If Red Rock Secured makes your short list of companies you’re considering for your gold IRA, make sure to find out how many years of zero fees you qualify for.

When it comes to gold or silver IRA storage fees, Red Rock can review a list of private storage facilities that are IRS approved for precious metals IRA storage. Typically, customers choose a vault depository close to their home. 

Some IRA private vault storage partners include Brinks, Delaware Depository, and International Depository Services. Between the different options, there should be a storage facility located a short distance to your home or other preferred location.

What do private vault companies charge to store your precious metals? Expect to pay $100 annually for non-segregated vault storage, or up to $150 annually for segregated vault storage.

You can discuss both options with your Red Rock Secured precious metals specialist and decide which option is best for you. If Red Rock is covering the costs, our suggestion would be to go with segregated storage.

Red Rock Secured Review

Finding a trusted precious metals IRA provider can be overwhelming. There’s a long list of companies to sift through and research to ensure you’re making the best decision. 

In our Red Rock Secured review, we find the company to be reputable with over a decade experience serving Americans. They’ve earned top ratings on the biggest watchdog websites, and the dealer has a large selection of bullion and premium metals.

They’ve partnered with top self-directed IRA custodians, trusted private vault storage companies, and offer secure, insured shipment of your precious metals. 

Additionally, their price protection guarantee and ‘zero fees’ for (up to) the life of your account makes a bit of an irresistible offer that we think Red Rock Secured is worth your consideration. Request your free gold report from Red Rock Secured below.

Red Rock Secured Gold IRA Report

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